Who We Are

About Us

Entraide-Canada for Orphans is a non-profit and charitable organization whose goal is to take care of orphans to help them meet their basic needs. The organization was incorporated federally in June 2020 and has enjoyed charitable status with Revenue Canada since August 2021.

Our Goals

Alleviating the poverty of orphans and other vulnerable and deprived sections of society by providing them with food baskets,

Support the schooling of orphans and other children who are in a precarious situation in society.

Support access to health care for orphans and other vulnerable and deprived sections of society.

Work for access to drinking water and healthy housing as well as the realization of other charitable projects within the framework of human development.

Our Activities

1. Funding

Organize face-to-face and online fundraising activities including dinners to advance objectives of the organization. 

2. Collaboration

Collaborate with other registered charities in Canada. Achieve the organization's objectives through reliable partners in Canada and abroad.

3. Support

 Support local food banks. Participate in relief efforts during floods, fires or other natural disasters.

Our Priority - Sponsorship of Orphans


Orphans are a very fragile and vulnerable component of society. They often live in difficult socio-economic conditions. Giving them a helping hand is a noble act of charity. The support we offer guarantees them a dignified life that will allow them to have a normal childhood while guaranteeing them:

- Food security,

- Health care,

- An education,

- An emotional and psychological follow-up if necessary.



For example, for an orphan in Morocco, which is our first field of work outside of Canada, the sponsorship amount is $60 per month, or $720 per year. Sponsorship is done through reliable intermediaries and the whole operation is entirely managed and controlled by Entraide Canada for Orphans (ECO).

Other Projects

ECO also organizes humanitarian projects that target underprivileged children in Canada and elsewhereThis includes cooperation projects with food banks, children's hospitals, humanitarian caravans in winter with clothing donations, and drinking water and clean housing projects for the benefit of families living in extreme poverty at one third -world. 


Our Team

Abdellah Sebbar
Nabil Bouzoubaa
Vice President
Aicha Mansir
General Secretary
Laila Rissafi
Ines Bentahra
Director of Orphan Sponsorship
Tijani Elbouzidi
Project Director
Miloud Ait Hammi
Events Director