Winter Caravan | March 2022

Al-hamdulillah the humanitarian caravan was a success, and the main objective was achieved:

  • 162 families living in two different villages benefited from this humanitarian caravan.  
  • The well and its pumping equipment and solar units were taken care of by other contributors,
    and everything was done.
    May Allah accept from all those who have contributed to this noble project.
    Below are two preliminary photos of the distribution.

~~~ Initial Announcement Message:
On March 25, 26 and 27, 2022, Entraide Canada will organize a winter humanitarian caravan to
benefit a village in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It is a poor village where the winter is very
severe and where the less fortunate are numerous. Any help is very desirable. The caravan will
aim to provide:
1- Food baskets: $75 for each basket.
2- Winter clothes and blankets: $100 for each family.
The village in question is called Douar Ait Oulal (
which is very remote and is located at an altitude of 2000 meters. In addition to poverty, this
village experiences severe winter conditions, including snow and very low temperatures. 
The village contains 62 families with 200 children (95 girls and 105 boys).

To contribute, you can send an E-transfer to: with “Caravane Hiver
2022″ as a comment, or make a donation by credit card online at

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